top of page is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.  He first found inspiration and a passion for digital artwork at the age of 15 years old. His unique technique and style are captured in his conceptual art on display in galleries and public areas.

He completed a Fine Arts degree from Silapakorn university. With his artistic talent and knowledge, he uses them as a way to inspire the people and communities in Bangkok.

By organizing activities called "the Community-based Streetart Project" which help communities to raise awareness for social problems. They learn about the issues through the process of creating art.

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A SUPH art space is an art public space to showcase the creativity of people or artists and to have a place to organize activities both offline and online. Exchange your opinions and favorites and support creative businesses. Everyone can come to use the place to do activities. Exhibit various works without limitation in the form of presentation and free of charge. This is to encourage individuals/artists who create works of art of all kinds to have space for creativity, exchange ideas, and be encouraged to create, develop, and present their work.

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